FL Needs to Know

FL Needs To Know

Voters in Central Florida will soon know about Senator Darren Soto’s record of siding with the gun lobby and earning an “A” rating from the NRA. What voters also need to know is that Soto sided with Republicans in Tallahassee to restrict women’s rights, and he voted to take money away from public schools and give it to for-profit private schools though taxpayer-funded vouchers.

-- As a State Legislator, Darren Soto voted to force women seeking protection from repeat stalking and sexual assault to pay a $200 fee for a protective order. (HB 5117, 2009)
-- Darren Soto voted to restrict women’s rights and access to health care. He voted with Republicans to impose mandatory ultrasounds and 24-hour waiting periods on women seeking abortions. (Roll Call Vote, HB 1497, 4/27/07; AP, 4/28/07; South Florida Sun-Sentinel, 4/03/08)
-- Darren Soto voted to take money away from public schools and give it to for-profit, private schools through taxpayer-funded vouchers. Soto voted to expand voucher programs and loosen regulations on charter schools in Florida, while taking thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the companies that run the schools and millionaires who want to privatize public education. (SB 850 Roll Call Vote, 5/2/14; Senate Roll Call Vote, HB 7009, 5/1/13; HB 859 Roll Call Vote, 3/7/12; The Florida Squeeze, 5/28/16)

Central Floridians need to know that there is a clear contrast between the candidates in this race. While Senator Soto voted against the interests of women and families, Susannah Randolph is a working mom and community leader who is working to improve the lives of middle class families right here in Central Florida. Susannah fought back against Republican efforts to cut funding for public schools. And as a former board member of Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida, she fought to protect and expand women’s healthcare. In Congress, Susannah will fight raise the minimum wage, give workers paid sick leave, and protect and expand earned benefits like Social Security and Medicare.

Once voters learn about Darren Soto’s shameful record on women’s health and public education, they need to learn about Dena Grayson. Dena Grayson is a former drug company lobbyist, whose campaign is backed by Big Pharma. Voters also need to know that despite her misleading ads, Dena does not even have a license to treat patients or practice medicine.